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The FlightGear store donates a substantial portion of its proceeds to World Vision, specifically to support projects like clean water, disaster relief, and economic development.  I started out sponsoring a child from Peru, but a few years ago my child grew up!  How does that happen so quickly?  My new child’s name is Caroline.  Since then I have increased the monthly amount as store sales have supported additional giving, and now also contribute to a larger community development fund.  I believe that organizations which support communities from their heart and from their faith can have a far greater impact than any government.  I believe giving back is an important aspect of life.  I believe that life can be far better when we support and help each other through it.

I simply wish to encourage the FlightGear community to consider choosing a worthy charity and contribute what you are able.  I am writing this during the Christmas season, but the need is year round.

-Curt Olson


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