FlightGear Program 2020.3 (DVD)


FlightGear program disc.

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This is the FlightGear Program DVD for Windows and Mac OS X. It contains everything you need to install and run FlightGear on your computer. The DVD also contains complete source code for the project so can rebuild your own executable and make modifications to the code if you like.


  • View the 2020.3 list of new features and changelog here.
  • Easy installer/uninstaller.
  • Includes an easy scenery management tool.
  • Correct runway markings and placement, correct runway and approach lighting. Correct navigational aids. You can navigate the FlightGear world using real aviation charts and approach plates and use FlightGear for IFR practice.
  • Runways slope naturally based on NASA terrain elevation data.
  • Connect to the multiplayer server and fly with your buddies.
  • Automatically downloads current weather conditions from the internet as you fly.
  • Realistic time of day modeling with correct lighting and shading of the aircraft and scenery. The sun is drawn in the correct place for your location, time, and date. The moon is also correctly placed and even has the right phase. The stars and planets are all there too, correctly placed for your location, time, and date.
  • Includes advanced multi-monitor display support for creating wrap around style visual systems.
  • Realistic 3D sound effects.
  • Includes experimental “Project Rembrandt” graphics system that models dynamic night time illumination and dynamic day time shadows.
  • User manual and all other available documentation included.
  • Includes full source code.

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