• Payment is handled securely through PayPal.  The FlightGear store never asks for (nor saves nor even sees) your personal financial information.
  • Alternate payment methods (i.e. mailing a check, western union, etc.) can be arranged if you are unable to pay via PayPal.
  • Orders usually ship within 1-2 business days.
  • Standard shipping is via the United States Postal Service to keep costs as low as possible for everyone.  United States delivery usually takes up to 5-10 business days.  For International delivery, expect up to 10-15 business days (sometimes longer.)
  • International shipping (outside the USA):  Shipping charges reflect actual US Postal Service rates as close as I can predict them.  I try to keep the shipping/handling rates I charge as close to actual costs as I can.
  • International orders: Please be aware that your country may charge additional import taxes and fees.
  • If there is ever a problem with your order (such as lost in shipping, or a disk arrives damaged) please email me and I will do my best to work with you to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.
  • The contents of the Bluray and USB thumb drive sets sold here are exactly the same programs and data that you can download from the FlightGear web site.  FlightGear is sold through the store as a service for those who would like a physical copy.  You can always download from our main web site and try before you buy.  The contents of the disks/thumb drive should never hold any surprises.
  • Please note for the bluray order, you are actually getting 4 blu-ray disks and 1 dvd.  On the product page I am trying to keep the description as simple as possible.  The data size is just slightly larger than 4 blu-ray disks, but a 5th blu-ray disk would just hold a sliver of data.  I wanted to emphasis the bluray aspects because in the past, some people without bluray readers have ordered the bluray disk set and have been disappointed.
  • Coffee mugs, T-shirts, and hats can now be ordered directly from cafepress.

8 thoughts on “FAQ”

  1. Looks GREAT, however need another source of payment!
    I only use a credit card(could be American Express) but Pay Pal no way.

  2. first: i live in Germany.- would like to BUY your products to support your team. i need another way of payment, too. because PayPal no way. i prefer transfer to your account (IBAN, BIC)

    1. Unfortunately I’m only able to offer paypal for international orders. FlightGear is available for free download as well, so hopefully there are very few people in the world who don’t have a way to get a copy of FlightGear.

      1. You should rethink that because paypal is losing traction amongst international customers. It’s not the stock market. That’s for investors which doesn’t offer much for the consumer end. Many overseas refuse PayPal. There is no reason not to accept their preferred payment method.

        1. I don’t have the ability to accept international credit cards, nor does my bank allow international transfers. Right now paypal is the only mechanism I have available to me for international payments.

    2. i live in Germany too.
      Two years ago i bought the Blue/DVD – Set. Everything worked fine, but:
      I was called, to got to the Customs-Office, to pay a lot of tax and fees.
      If i remember in the true way: it was about 30% additional to the original price.
      So, if you live inside the European Union:
      Make a Download and give a donation to flightgear.

  3. The solution With One DVD and Four blu-ray is one of the greatest idea I ever have see because you mentioned that some became disappointed. Therefore selling such solution is a safe-harbour that any can still playing the game and buying blu-ray Reader at a later time.
    Ehhh… And, I have also an idea; of course, no Reader and Write…
    I am waiting for the FlightGear 2017.1 in blu-ray that I payed at 20. mai 🙂

    1. Hi Øyvind, you do need a blu-ray reader to successfully use the blu-ray distribution. The 5th disk is a dvd only because that is all that is needed for the remaining scenery files that don’t quite fit on the first 4 blu-ray disks. (I will send a separate email with your order status.)

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